Why an entrepreneur believes urban farming is the future in D.C.

WASHINGTON (WJLA) — Down an unmarked trail at a monastery in Northeast Washington, you might not expect a farm delivering to some of the District’s top restaurants. 

And in an unmarked warehouse near Union Market, you probably wouldn’t expect an indoor farm.

But that’s exactly whats happening. Meet Mary Ackly—a young entrepreneur— she’s innovating the way America farms are created.

Ackly and her team of six employees, don’t just grow regular fruits and vegetables. They grow micro greens. Smaller, nutrient packed greens ready to eat just days after planting.

In terms of health, micro greens in general have about 4-6 times the nutrient density of a fully grown version of a plant.

Ackly’s company, Little Wild Things uses small, under utilized outdoor spaces in D.C., 80 percent of her farming is done indoors. When chefs call, Acky and her team deliver quickly.

She believes farming innovation in cities, both indoor and outdoor, must be the future.

Anyone can order from Little Wild Things by going to their website or visiting them at the Dupont Farmers Market.

Original article – https://wjla.com/news/local/entrepreneur-brings-urban-farming-to-dc