Salad Share

We donate 1 share for every 20 shares sold.
Help us spread the salad love!

What is the Salad Share?

When you sign up for our salad share program you buy a share of our farm’s harvest before we grow it, helping us to purchase the inputs we need to grow our greens, and in exchange, you receive a share of our harvest each week throughout the 10-week season.

Our salad share program is a great way to support local farmers, and receive healthy, local food! This program is our unique urban take on the more traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model.

How it Works

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Sign Up for Salad Share

Sign up for weekly Salad Share deliveries and select your preferred option for home delivery or pickup.  Your deliveries will start on the first day of our next season.

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Select Home Delivery or Pick-up

Choose to have your share delivered to your doorstep weekly, or choose to pick-up your share at the farm or one of our convenient neighborhood pick-up locations. Be sure to let us know if you have any special delivery instructions or dietary restrictions in the notes section at checkout.


Enjoy Your Local Greens + Goodies!

Your salad share will be delivered to your home or ready for pick-up weekly. Shares are delivered every Wednesday during the season between 7am-7pm. You’ll receive a text notification when your share in on it’s way and when it has been delivered.  You’ll also receive a weekly email with recipe ideas and updates from our team of farmers.

What does each share include?

Each Salad Share season runs for 10 weeks and each delivery features a rotating selection of fresh, super-nutritious greens to make one week of colorful, flavorful salads, as available from our harvest. The share is generally enough for 2-3 people or one salad-loving person. A typical share includes:

Seasonal shoots, greens, and limited edition salad blends curated weekly by our team of farmers.

A rotating selection of specialty microgreens and microgreen blends

Seasonal treats, surprises, and collaborations with local businesses and chefs!

Weekly emails from the farm with recipe ideas and information about each share.

Custom insulated tote + eco-friendly ice pack!

The Salad Share Program

The Salad Share program is priced as follows:

  • $275 Pick-up at farm
  • $300 Neighborhood pick-up (select from several convenient locations in DC, MD, or VA)
  • $350 Home Delivery

Each quarterly payment includes 10 weeks of greens + goodies, as available from our harvest. A typical share includes:

  • 1/3-1/2 lb rotating selection of shoots, greens, or Limited Edition Salad Blends curated weekly by our team of farmers (examples include: sunflower, pea, buckwheat, Signature Shoot Salad, radish, Sandwich Mix, etc.)
  • 1 clamshell rotating selection of specialty microgreens or microgreen blends (approximately 2-4 oz ea depending on the variety)
  • Seasonal treats, recipes from the farm, and collaborations with local businesses and chefs (think: edible flowers, local salad dressings, cut flowers, cocktail fixin’s, videos + exclusive recipes from local chefs).
  • Lifetime Farm Membership: Your share includes a LIFETIME 5% discount on our products at any Little Wild Things outlet including Farmer’s Markets, our retail farm shop, and online. This is our way of saying thank you for supporting us. You’re forever a part of our farm family.
  • Little Wild Things insulated tote bag + eco-friendly ice pack for keeping your greens cool and fresh!

Your subscription payment will renew quarterly (every 3 months) from your initial sign up date. Each quarter will include 10 weekly shares. You may cancel or pause your subscription by logging into your account at any time prior to your next renewal date.

2021 Salad Share Delivery Dates:
Winter: January 27 – March 31 (10 weeks)
Spring: April 21 – June 23 (10 weeks)
Summer: July 14 – September 15 (10 weeks)
Autumn: October 6 – December 8 (10 weeks)

Sign Up for Salad Share

Giving Back

Your support means everything to our small all-woman team of farmers; your dollars directly support our mission to inspire the next generation of farmers to build a brighter agricultural future. We’re thriving because of you and we want to pay it forward. For every 20 shares sold, we will donate one share to families in our local neighborhood of Trinidad, in Northeast Washington, D.C. through the New Samaritan Baptist Church. The greens are distributed with other groceries to anyone in need in the neighborhood every Wednesday.


We offer the option to donate your share or send your share to a friend or neighbor within our delivery zone if you will be out of town during a regularly scheduled delivery. Simply log in to your account and select your preferred option prior to your time away.

You may pause or cancel your subscription at any time prior to your next renewal date.


Where to begin? Convenient home delivery (a godsend for those of us relying on public transportation), adventurous flavor combos (buckwheat and fennel!), bursts of flower petals in riotous colors (magenta * glowing orange * sunshine yellow * royal purple) scattered through the greens like miniature edible fireworks – the list goes on and on. Above all, so grateful for the love and obvious care with which you curate these beautiful collections. Thanks to the entire team at LWT for a summer of happy surprises!
Laura Washington, DC
I’ve loved the introduction to new greens, pairings with other vendors, and suggestions for recipes. In short, I’ve loved it all. I look forward to your delivery every Wednesday and hope you will continue this service year-round!
Susan Washington, DC
The greens are so fresh! They last longer than anything store-bought, and the taste is incomparable! I love the random surprise of edible flowers in the microgreens, and being able to pretty up a usually boring salad or dish with a pop of color. I’ve eaten such a variety of fresh, tasty greens this summer alone. Definitely more than I would have if going to the grocery store.
Steph Washington, DC

Home Delivery

Your share will be delivered to your home using safe, no-contact delivery practices every week on Wednesday between 7 am-7 pm.

We deliver to all addresses in Washington, D.C. and the following zip codes in MD and VA:

VA | 22202, 22305, 22204, 22203, 22201, 22207, 22209, 22206, 22314, 22313, 22320, 22301, 22302, 22304, 22211, 22213, 22205, 22101, 22303, 22307, 22040, 22044, 22046, 22042, 22043, 22041, 22311, 22312, 22031, 22180, 22102, 22101

MD | 20712, 20781, 20722, 20710, 20815, 20817, 20910, 20912, 20902, 20816, 20814, 20782, 20783, 20785, 20737, 20738, 20740, 20741, 20742

Live outside our delivery zone? Consider becoming a 2021 LWT Friend of the Farm to support our mission and receive special perks for you or a loved one!

Friend of the Farm

Pick-Up Options

Washington, D.C

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    Little Wild Things Farm (D.C.)

    No pick-up fee
    906 Bladensburg Rd. NE, Second Floor
    Washington, D.C. 20002
    Pick up your share on Wednesdays from 10am-4pm

  • simple-line-icons_location-pin

    Capitol Hill (D.C.)

    $25 neighborhood pick-up fee
    No-contact pick-up at a residential location near the intersection of South Carolina Ave + 14th St. SE. The exact address and pick-up hours will be provided after sign-up.


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    Chevy Chase / Bethesda (MD)

    $25 neighborhood pick-up fee
    No-contact pick-up at a residential location near the intersection of Bradley Ln (191) + Maple Ave. The exact address and pick-up hours will be provided after sign-up.


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    Lost Boy Cider (Alexandria, VA)

    $25 neighborhood pick-up fee
    Wednesday/Thursday pick-up, 12pm-9pm
    317 Hooffs Run Dr.
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    BONUS: Lost Boy is generously offering our customers a one-time 25% discount on a mixed six pack of cider when you pick up your salad share.

Fine print

Because of the farm-fresh nature of our product, we regret that we cannot accept returns for any reason. Additionally, because we invest your payment to grow the harvest, the Salad Share is nonrefundable. In the event we determine that it is infeasible to supply your share, we reserve the right to discontinue your share and allocate your payment towards ensuring the continued operation of Little Wild Things Farm.

We may determine that continued service is infeasible for any reason, including (but not only) a) disruptions to our supply chain, staffing, or delivery capacity; b) governmental actions, orders or regulations; c) social or political unrest, d) public health crises, or e) any other reason, whether like the others on this list or not. If you have any questions about this policy, please give us a call at the number above. Thank you for understanding and investing in our Farm!