Our Favorite Ways to Use Little Wild Things

Published November 30, 2017 via From the Farmer on Tips + tricks

Hello, From the Farmer Fans!

Mary here from Little Wild Things City Farm. We are honored to partner with From the Farmer to deliver our Certified Naturally Grown microgreens, shoots, and edible flowers to the DMV. We are located in the heart of Washington, D.C., and are proudly women-owned and operated.

No doubt you’ve seen microgreens popping up on your Instagram feed and menus all over town.

Tibetan nomad food by Dorejee Momo featuring Little Wild Things’ shungiku microgreens and edible gem marigolds. Photo Credit: Taylor Cleland/Dorjee Momo (@dorjeemomo)
Cilantro microgreens make the perfect garnish for a simple farm breakfast. Photo: Mary Ackley (@littlewildthingsfarm)
The Curried Treasure, featuring Little Wild Things’ pea shoots at Beefsteak. Photo: Beefsteak (@beefsteakveggies)

We think they’re amazing additions to anything you can think of (our clients range from Michelin Star restaurants to home chefs to food trucks and everything in between)! We are here to share with you just a few of our favorite ways to use Little Wild Things.

Spice Up Your Salad

We know, it seems obvious, but it’s a no-brainer for a reason! Microgreens add amazing texture and depth to any dish, but they especially shine when compared to grown-up greens such as lettuce. Try topping your salad with a microgreen mix for color and a conversation starter.

Photo: From The Farmer (@fromthefarmer)

Garnish Your Bowls

We love them on everything from breakfast bowls to soup! Microgreens add a bright, fresh bite to a composed bowl. Their diverse flavors range from savory to sweet to spicy, so let your personal taste be your guide!

Photo: Sarah O’Neill @thebadcook

Supplement Your Smoothies:

Did you know that microgreens have on average 4-6 times the micronutrient density as their adult counterparts? Talk about tiny but mighty! Add them to a juice or smoothie and feel the goodness for yourself.

Kale microgreen and dark cherry smoothies with edible violas. Photo: Mary Ackley (@littlewildthingsfarm)

It’s Taco Time

Play mix and match with everyday taco ingredients and savory, herbal, and juicy microgreen varieties. We know—it’s hard to imagine tacos could get any better, but trust us on this one.

Sprouted lentil and sweet potato tacos with cilantro-lime crema, garnished with Little Wild Things’ cilantro microgreens and arugula flowers. Photo: Mary Ackley (@littlewildthingsfarm)

Fold Into a Warm Dish

Shoots, the larger cousins of microgreens (think pea, radish, and sunflower) are amazing folded into warm dishes, such as grains, pasta, or even curries. They maintain their bright green color and add a vibrant bite of freshness.

Sauteed sweet potato noodles with wilted pea shoots, roasted garlic cashew cream and kale microgreens. Photo: Mary Ackley (@littlewildthingsfarm)

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There’s no limit to the creative ways you can use microgreens and shoots. Check out some of our favorite recipes online at www.littlewildthingsfarm.com/recipes and share your inspiration with us online @fromthefarmer and @littlewildthingsfarm. Happy creating!

Mary & Chelsea