Ojiya with Sweet Corn Shoots


1 cup Dashi or vegetable/chicken broth
¾ cup short grain rice, cooked (preferably a japanese short grain rice)
2 whisked eggs
Salt, to taste (depending on broth used)
1 tsp mirin
½ tsp toasted black sesame seeds
¼ cup sweet corn shoots, with a few tips reserved for garnish
2 scallions, just the green parts, cut into long ribbons, or chopped finely
10 edible flower blossoms (optional- we used Bachelor Buttons.)


Heat dashi/stock in a pot.
Add cooked rice, let warm up. Simmer for a few minutes.
Chop corn shoots into rice size pieces, except for a few longer tips kept for garnish, add to pot. stir.
Whisk egg, add in while stirring.
Reduce heat to low and cover.
Remove the lid and season with salt and mirin.
Place ojiya in a shallow bowl, and garnish with sesame seeds, corn shoots, blossoms and scallions.