May Flowers – Edible & Delicious

April showers bring May flowers, and we certainly had enough April rain this year to make that prophecy come true. Besides brightening our spirits with wonderful bursts of color everywhere we look, these spring flowers can also delight our palate. Cakes, cocktails, and salads are often decorated with edible flowers and petals, yet another way of enjoying the fruit of our gardens.

Little Wild Things Farm
Amazingly there is an indoor farm on Capitol Hill that actually produces edible flowers, year-round. Little Wild Things Farm is located at 906 Bladensburg Road, NE, next to the WS Jenks Hardware building. The little farm specializes in salad greens, microgreens, shoots, and edible flowers. It is a woman-owned and woman-managed enterprise. The farm’s mission is to “inspire the next generation of farmers to build a brighter and more sustainable future.” The edible flowers are all grown hydroponically.

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