Little Wild Things’ 2022 Winter Salad Share

Every Wednesday, we strive to deliver fresh and nutritious microgreens, shoots, and edible flowers right to your door to delight and inspire you in the kitchen. Inspired by a traditional farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), we curate unique blends, invent new recipes, and craft fun items for each delivery of our 10 week season. Each week, our members receive an 8oz bag of a salad blend, a large (2-4oz) clamshell of microgreens, and a fun third item that’s always different (sometimes it’s specialty microgreens, sometimes it’s treats we make here at the farm). Here’s a look at what was included in the 2022 Winter Salad Share:

Week 1 – January 12th

Hearty Winter Greens Salad Blend

Our Winter Greens Blend is a hearty combination of bright and sweet baby lettuces, crisp chopped pea shoots, nutty sunflower shoots, spicy radish microgreens, and tangy buckwheat shoots. This blend is our favorite salad base this winter; it is highly versatile for all of your favorite salads. Try this blend with some warm roasted winter veggies like beets, squash, onions, and parsnips or some goat cheese and pepitas. The buckwheat in this blend is such a fun flavor addition. It has a citrus-like tartness, and is packed with Vitamins B, C, and K, as well as folic acid, fiber and important trace micronutrients such as magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc.

Broccoli Microgreens & Flower Confetti

We are showcasing one of our most nutritious and popular microgreens this week! Similar in taste to the fully grown version, Broccoli microgreens feature deep green leaves with a bright white stem for a beautiful visual contrast. Topped with edible flower confetti, they create a perfect pop of color for your meals! Broccoli microgreens are packed with Vitamin A as well as Vitamin B, C, E, and K; macronutrients like Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus; as well as micronutrients Iron, Copper and Zinc. It’s also a great source of Sulforaphane, which studies show helps regulate blood sugar levels. Eat up! We promise you’ll love this sweet, delicious mix.

Floral Chai Tea

This gorgeous Floral Chai Tea features dried petals and whole edible flowers grown right here at our farm. It’s warm and spiced; perfect for those chilly winter days. When the tea is steeping, watch the flowers blossom and unfold right before you! Boil 8oz water, add 2.5g or about 1 tablespoon of tea leaves and prepare to be delighted. Enjoy this tea alone, or add a little local honey or agave syrup and a splash of milk (dairy or non-dairy) for a warm, cozy drink.

Recipe: Roasted Broccoli Microgreen Soup

Week 2 – January 19th

Sunflower + Radish Shoot Salad Blend

We are thrilled to create a new blend for your enjoyment this week: nutty sunflower and spicy radish microgreens combined with a splash of dreamy red beet micros to brighten your plate and your day! This blend is packed with tons of vitamins and minerals and is oh so tasty. It contains protein, yeah that’s right, PROTEIN, as well as calcium, iron, potassium, and complex B vitamins. Use it as a base for any of your favorite Winter salads or just eat it on it’s own with a sprinkle of olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, flaky salt, and pepper.  It also pairs nicely with warm grains like quinoa, lentils, or rice; and don’t be afraid to incorporate this blend in your stir fry, as the shoots stand up well to a little bit of heat. If you love that spiciness from the radish, add the red mustard microgreens to this blend for a bit more heat.

Red Mustard Microgreens

Bold and beautiful mustard greens are coming to you in micro form this week! While mustard microgreens are much more delicate in texture and flavor than their tougher older sister, they still manage to elevate and brighten any dish in which they star. Mustard microgreens are rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K as well as fiber and antioxidants. Our favorite ways of using up these micros include sprinkling them onto pizza, topping a fresh veggie stir fry, or making a mustard microgreen omelets with fresh radishes and onions. Anyway you eat them, you’re sure to enjoy these sassy little greens!

Shungiku Microgreens

Shungiku, Shungiku, Shungiku. The name may be unfamiliar, as Shungiku (also known as edible chrysanthemum) is a lesser known microgreen that we grow here at Little Wild Things Farm; but you’re sure to fall in love with it as much as we have. It has cute, thin serrated leaves, and a gorgeous bright green color. It has a slight crunchy texture with a strong carrot/fruity/floral flavor that will have your taste buds cheering for more. It also has a little pleasant hint of bitterness, which we could all use a little more of in our flavor palate. Very popular in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine where it lends an earthy flavor to many dishes. Try them on your avocado toast, sprinkled onto your next ramen bowl, or our new favorite; Miso maple sweet potato tacos. 

Recipe: Miso Mirin Vinaigrette by Chef Jonathan Bardzik

Week 3 – January 26th

Salanova Lettuce, Pea Shoots, Purple Kohlrabi, and Borage Salad Blend

This blend is so stunning! With some familiar favorites and some flashy, lesser known varieties, this blend is sure to put a smile on your face, and maybe even warrant a little happy dance. The lettuce blend that’s featured in this mix is sweet, crisp and oh, so beautiful! It’s blended with crispy pea shoots (a tried and true staple of our farm) as well as stunning purple kohlrabi and borage! Y’all, we LOVE borage around here! The borage adds so much fun flavor to this mix with its bright, cucumber like flavor. The peas pack a nice crisp crunch and they’re also packed with lots of vitamins and minerals including beta carotene, vitamin C, and fiber! You’d swear this was a little cucurbit, but it isn’t. While we love to snack on this blend right out of the bag, try giving this salad blend some funky toppings like feta and watermelon, or a fabulous Greek vibe with some Kalamata olives, roasted eggplant and a tzatziki dill inspired dressing. Any way you serve this you’ll be wishing that bag of greens was bottomless.

Beets + Brassicas Microgreen Blend

Now say that 3 times fast. This blend is as fun to eat as it is to say. Vibrant red beets will have both your heart and stomach full. Blended with our superfood brassicas, this blend will have some tasty familiar flavors of Broccoli, Kale and Red Cabbage to round out those earthy Beets. Let us share with you how amazing Beets are. They are tiny little powerhouses of nutrition; packed with powerful detoxifying and antioxidant properties that improve immune function, aid in prevention of strokes, heart disease, diabetes and even seizures. Containing Iron, Zinc, protein, calcium and an alphabet of vitamins (A,B, C, E, K) these magical little plants are nothing but goodness! There’s even been some studies to suggest that these can offer some stress relief. This mix would look and taste amazing on eggs (or avocado) and toast, sprinkled on top of a vibrant winter squash soup or added to your favorite wraps and sammies.

Farmer’s Choice Microgreen Blend

This week we’re bringing to you a curated blend of different microgreens including fennel, nasturtium, and a mix of brassica microgreens. Fondly coined Farmer’s Choice, this blend is traditionally always slightly different and shows off a rotation of different herbs and microgreens from the farm. The components of the blend are diverse but complementary, ranging from mild kale and broccoli to nasturtium leaves, which pack quite the punch of flavor. The nasturtium leaves are a unique addition to this blend, and can also be used on other meals like homemade sushi rolls (they have a wasabi like flavor). They also have some nice nutritional benefits too; potassium and copper in these cuties. One of our favorite ways to use this blend of microgreens is to add it to a fun salad, like an orange, beet and fennel bulb salad or use it to top a broiled fish dinner for a lacy and lovely garnish.

Recipe: Beet Patties with Spiced Yogurt ft. Salanova Lettuce, Pea Shoots, Purple Kohlrabi, and Borage Salad Blend

Week 4 – February 2nd

Sunflower Shoots

You already know from past seasons how much we love these crunchy, nutty shoots. They continue to be a CSA favorite! Sunflower shoots are some of the tastiest greens we grow here at the farm, and part of their charm is that they can be paired with literally anything! While we love to incorporate these into pasta dishes or warm rice/quinoa bowls, get a little experimental and try swapping out mung bean sprouts for sunnies in your next stir fry or pad Thai dish! Or keep it simple and classic and just sauté these for a brief moment with a little olive oil or butter and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and serve them with roasted squash or baked salmon, and some brown or wild rice. These shoots continue to amaze us with how versatile they are, tasting equally as delicious raw or cooked, and packing so many nutrients! 

Kale + Cabbage Microgreen Blend

We’re celebrating the cool weather by blending these incredible and familiar winter time greens! Kale mixed with Green Cabbage come together to create a tasty and hearty blend. This mix has got all the familiar flavors that we know and love, while being a delicate and tender alternative to fully mature cabbage and Kale. Kale is a long time favorite, with its iron rich, dark green leaves and nourishing, earthy flavor profile and, combined with Green Cabbage, will add some fun color and taste. This blend is begging to be sprinkled onto a hearty potato and leek soup, or to add a nice pop to a roasted winter vegetable medley.

Red Smoothie Microgreen Blend

We’ve created a special blend that’s perfect to add to your smoothies. Amaranth, a high protein microgreen with absolutely stunning red and magenta tones, is mixed with Red Cabbage microgreens to bring you a blend you won’t forget. Like many other brightly colored vegetables, Amaranth greens contain beta-carotenes, as well as protein, iron, calcium and vitamins C,E and K. Meanwhile, Red Cabbage has the fiber, calcium, magnesium, and iodine that our bodies need and love! Add these beauties to absolutely anything and everything to bring some brightness to your meals and your heart during these short winter days! Sprinkled on top of soups, salads, main dishes, it doesn’t matter, these micros will add a lovely flavor and color to anything you’re making. Try them in a Vietnamese summer roll or even in cocktails. In case you need a little inspiration, we’ve got a stellar recipe to share with you this week for a Honey Amaranth Smoothie. 

Recipe: Honey Amaranth Smoothie

Week 5 – February 9th

Pea Shoots

This week, we’re excited to feature this incredible, hearty favorite. These have a less sweet, but familiar fresh pea taste; think similar to snow peas. They are crunchy and succulent, and rich in Vitamins A,C,E, B1, B2, B3 and B6, as well as contain protein, Fiber, Omega-3 and nutrients such as Potassium, Thiamin, Iron and Folate. They contain about 50% less carbohydrates than peas too, cup for cup. These greens are extremely versatile and some ideas of recipes include stir frying them with garlic, wilting them into a creamy pasta dish, turning them into pesto, in place of basil, or making a fun grain salad such as a chickpea and pea shoot salad. They’ll hold up well to heat, so don’t be afraid to use them anywhere you would use fresh spinach, arugula or even a baby Bok Choy. Try them with mushrooms in savory crepe or omelet, if you’re a lover of eggs.

Endive + Chervil + Shungiku Microgreen Blend

Endive is making a guest appearance at our farm, specially for this week’s blend! Endive has a pleasant, mildly bitter flavor that nicely contrasts sweet, salty, or spicy flavors. Chervil has a flavor similar to parsley, but with a hint of tarragon. You’ll remember Shungiku from week 2 of the winter salad share, with its strong carrot/fruity/floral flavor. Together, these 3 herbs offer an airy, bright, slightly bitter profile that goes well with any Asian inspired cuisine, offers a nice contrast to sandwiches in place of lettuce, and compliments egg dishes. Try this blend atop an apple and walnut salad, in an egg foo young or Frittata dish, or with your favorite fish recipe. It’s bold, tasty and new, so enjoy farm friends!

Herbal Focaccia topped with Microgreen Medley from Seylou Bakery and Mill

From right here in Washington DC, in the neighborhood of Shaw to be precise, Seylou Bakery and Mill crafts delicious pastries, breads and pizza (on Fridays) using organic, regionally sourced ingredients. They source all of their whole grains from growers in the mid-atlantic area, and the grains are milled fresh in house. For Seylou owners and bakers, Jonathan and Jessica, the passion for bread and local grains began on a trip to Senegal in 2007, and provided the inspiration for what is now Seylou, meaning a type of eagle in the Senegal region. 

We’re featuring a Whole Grain Focaccia this week, with micro Arugula, Parsley, Red Cabbage, and Amaranth baked into this freshly milled, whole grain bread. It’s chewy, it’s crispy, it’s oh so tasty! The arugula, parsley, and red cabbage add a nice touch of flavor, and the amaranth adds a hint of pinks and reds to the bread. A little olive oil or butter is all this bread needs, but feel free to slather on some hummus, baba ghanoush or sun dried tomato jam.

Ingredients: Hard red winter wheat flour, Hard white winter wheat flour, Hard red spring wheat flour, Extra virgin olive oil, Sea salt, Butter (used to grease the pans), Amaranth microgreens, Parsley microgreens, Red Cabbage microgreens, Arugula microgreens.

Recipe: Beet Sandwich by Seylou Bakery and Mill

Week 6 – February 16th

Sunflower Shoots with Romaine, Broccoli and Borage Microgreens

Sunflower shoots are a Little Wild Things staple! Affectionately called “sunnies” by our team of farmers, they are packed with protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and even healthy fats. Blended with sunnies this week, you’ll find Romaine lettuce microgreens, which taste the same as the mature romaine that everyone knows and loves, only a little more delicate. Also in this blend are Broccoli and Borage microgreens. Broccoli has a tasty, familiar flavor and Borage adds a bright cucumber flavor to the blend. Enjoy this mix with your favorite protein and salad toppings, or give this hearty citrus salad recipe a try, using the borage blend in place of borage microgreens.

Parsley and Red Cabbage Microgreen Blend

This blend is packed with flavor! Containing Vitamins A,C and K, as well as beta- carotene, potassium, magnesium and calcium, it’s packed with nutrients to give you that daily boost of energy! Parsley microgreens have a pungent parsley flavor, perfect for any recipe that you would use the mature, fresh herb for. The red cabbage adds a mild and earthy flavor addition with a beautiful purple color. Try this blend in your favorite Tabbouleh recipe, sprinkled on top of a hearty Mushroom Risotto or a Barley and Parsley salad.

Popcorn Shoots

Grown from popcorn kernels, these beautiful yellow shoots are grown in complete darkness, which prevents photosynthesis and hinders the production of Chlorophyll, resulting in a blanched shoot with a straw like, yellow color. This process keeps the plant sweet and delicate, and prevents any bitter flavors from developing. With Calcium, Vitamins A,B,C, and E, and Iron, they’re as good for you as they are tasty. When fully grown, they have a flavor reminiscent of sweet corn, right off the cob; perfect to add a unique twist to salads and desserts. Or try the recipe we have featured below. We hope that you enjoy these fun shoots this week! 

Recipe: Ojiya with Sweet Corn Shoots

Week 7 – February 23rd

Farmer’s Choice Microgreen Blend

This week’s blend is a true powerhouse of nutrition and flavor! It’s a favorite blend of the farmers here, and it changes slightly each time we make it based on what we’re growing and what sounds tasty. This week, included in your blend, is Red Cabbage, Kohlrabi , Broccoli, Kale, Shungiku, Fennel, Amaranth, Sorrel, Celery, and Chervil. This blend will brighten your meals, with its beautiful colors and its delightful flavors! The mild and sweet Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale and Kohlrabi flavors compliment the more intense flavor profiles of the herbal varieties like Chervil and Fennel. A sprinkle of Amaranth for those pink tones along with tangy Sorrel really round this blend out. Try it in a wrap, on a bagel, or to compliment a bed of heartier, mellow greens in a big salad.

Turnip Microgreens topped with Nasturtium and Edible Flowers

A garden staple for centuries, some evidence suggests that the turnip plant was domesticated for cultivation before the 15th century. In Ireland and Scotland, the large turnip roots are carved out much like a pumpkin for Halloween festivals. Turnip touts a similar flavor to radish, but without the spice; some describe it as cabbage-like in flavor. Containing Vitamin K and C, along with minerals Beta-carotene and lutein, these greens are as healthy as they are tasty. Try these microgreens in an omelet, sprinkled on top of a hearty winter soup or give the boxty recipe below a try!

Dill Microgreens

This week, we’re sharing a rarely showcased favorite of ours. Dill microgreens have a mild, Dilly flavor that’s likely familiar to many of you. It’s a delicate herb that’s great to use in your favorite potato or egg salad recipe, like this one, or with a baked/grilled fish dish, like these Salmon cakes; or give this beet hash recipe a try. Dill is packed with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, carotene, chlorophyll, and amino acids.

Recipe: Boxty with Poached Egg and Mock Hollandaise

Week 8 – March 2nd

Buckwheat and Pea Shoots with Fennel and Red Cabbage Microgreens

This salad blend is new, fun, and packed with exciting flavors! Buckwheat has a citrus-like, tangy flavor that’s oh so more-ish. Its beautiful blush, pink color looks so beautiful blended with crispy, bright Peas, delicate, lacy Fennel and gorgeous Red Cabbage. This blend is full of Vitamins A through K, including complex B vitamins, as well as folic acid, potassium, protein, omega-3 and fiber. Microgreens are some of the most nutrient dense foods, and this blend sure shows it! It’ll keep your body full, healthy, and ready to take on the Winter season! Try it with roasted Delicata squash, dried cranberries, and feta (dairy or vegan) cheese.

Purple Kohlrabi Microgreens

Winter brings with it cooler and sometimes snowy weather, which is why we’re packing hearty Winter vegetable microgreens for you. Kohlrabi has historically been planted early in the spring or into the cool autumn season, due to its ability to withstand cooler temperatures. Although we don’t have that problem in our indoor farm, we still love the feeling of eating those greens during the cold seasons! This microgreen is perfect to sprinkle onto any warm savory dinner dish, add it to your favorite soup to invoke those feelings of hearty wintertime dishes, or use in a sandwich, wrap or bagel for some colorful crunch. It’s got a lovely purple stem, as the name suggests, and dark green leaves that’ll help to brighten up those winter days!  Loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A,C and B-complex, and calcium, potassium, and copper.

Collard Microgreens

A southern staple! We love collard greens around here. They invoke feelings of being nourished by the nutrient rich food we consume. They’re high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Folate and are a great source of Potassium, Phosphate, Magnesium, Lutein-zeaxanthin, Carotene-ß, and Calcium. Farmer Lou’s favorite way to eat these is on top of a warm bowl of vegan cheesy grits, with BBQ jackfruit.

Recipe: Roast Chicken with Lemon and Green Olives

Week 9 – March 9th

Signature Shoot Salad Blend

As the season draws to an end, we want to share with you a classic: our oldest and most beloved Signature Shoot Salad. You may have seen this blend featured on a variety of menus across the DMV: DC Harvest on H Street, featured in plates at Elizabeth Gone Raw, paired with burrata at The Pursuit Wine Bar, and topping bagels at Pearl’s Bagels! Our Signature Shoot Salad is a hearty combination of crisp chopped pea shoots, nutty sunflower shoots, spicy radish micros, with an accent of buttery popcorn shoots for an exciting pop of color. This blend is our favorite salad base, as the flavors and textures compliment and contrast each other so well. It is highly versatile as a stand-alone salad, folded into a warm grain or pasta bowl, or plated underneath any savory meal to add a fresh layer of texture and extra nutrition. Packed with protein, Vitamins A,B-complex, and C, iron, potassium, and calcium.

Arugula + Red Mustard Microgreens

Favorite greens among many salad lovers! It’s a staple for those who enjoy spicier greens with its strong, peppery taste. Arugula contains as much calcium as Spinach, while containing much lower amounts of oxalate, which inhibits full absorption of calcium, so it aids in keeping bones strong and healthy. This microgreen is also high in vitamin A and iron. Blended with red mustard, which is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K as well as fiber and antioxidants, adds to the spicy punch. Our favorite recipes include a tomato and arugula/mustard microgreen omelet or this refreshing cucumber, mint, arugula salad. Try this blend almost anywhere you’d use its mature friends!

Living Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a unique staple at Little Wild Things Farm! It comes from sprouted wheat seed kernels and is packed with loads of antioxidants and can help with digestion and boost your metabolism. This superfood is often made into wheatgrass shots or added to smoothies, but this week, we’ve featured it in a savory dressing recipe. Your Wheatgrass will arrive alive, growing in a tray, meaning you can let it keep growing until you’re ready to harvest it! To keep it healthy, lightly water it 2-3 times a week, or whenever the soil is dry. It helps to give it a little bit of sun by placing it on a windowsill, but it isn’t necessary if you’ll be using it within a few days. We aren’t the only ones who love this nutritious green! Also known as “cat grass”, since it’s a non-toxic houseplant that cats can play with. Wheatgrass is a popular item for pet owners at our Dupont Market and we’re always thrilled to receive videos of pets enjoying the grass. Feel free to share some with your furry friends! (And feel free to share those videos with us on social media.)

Recipe: Savory Wheatgrass Dressing

Week 10 – March 16th

Lettuce + Sunflower + Buckwheat Salad Blend

We are finishing similarly to how we began; with a lettuce blend. It’s so good, we can’t get enough!  This time it’s blended with nutty sunflower shoots and tangy buckwheat. This blend is sweet, it’s crisp,  it’s savory, and it’s delicious. What’s not to love? This combo is versatile as a salad base, pairing it with a grilled protein or veggie and some chopped nuts and fruit, and it will surely elevate any sandwich, burger, wrap or taco you place it on. Those sunnies give this blend a nutritional punch, with their high amounts of protein, amino acids, and zinc. (Zinc is especially helpful for boosting your immune system.)  Buckwheat microgreens contain Vitamins B and C, as well as manganese, magnesium, and copper, so they are also a nutritional powerhouse. No matter how you prepare it, you won’t be disappointed with this beautiful blend!

Basil Microgreens Medley

The last microgreen mix combines two varieties of basil: Genovese and Purple Opal (you’ll notice the difference in colors between the two). Basil microgreens are surprisingly full of nutrients. They contain protein, vitamins E, A, K, B6, and C, as well as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and even potassium! There are a number of chemicals in basil microgreens, including citronella and linalool, which are known to reduce inflammation in the body and even tackle bacterial infections. These micros can be used anywhere you would use mature, fresh basil. Some ideas are a caprese salad, a tasty garnish for your favorite Italian dish, your favorite pesto recipe, or in savory scones, which we’ve featured the recipe for below.

Farm-in-a-Box Microgreen Grow Kit

Get a sneak peek into how we grow greens at the farm with your very own microgreen grow kit! The kit includes an instructional pamphlet, a compostable grow tray and humidity dome, a packet of China Rose Radish microgreen seeds, and the very same soil that we use here at the farm!

Recipe: Savory Basil Scones