3 ways to celebrate Peak Bloom with Little Wild Things Farm

It’s Cherry Blossom season here in Washington, D.C.! Here are 3 ways to celebrate Peak Bloom with us:

Dazzle your salads with Cherry Blossom Vinegar from Lindera Farms

What better way to celebrate Peak Bloom than with actual cherry blossoms? This delightful infused vinegar offers a flavorful replacement for more traditional rosé vinegar and will make your dishes excel. 🌸

Flavor Profile: Medium-high acidity, low sweetness
Tasting Notes: Think cherry pie; floral, yeasty, earthy and jammy with a good blend between fresh cherry flavor and preserved.
Kitchen Pairings: Great substitute for a traditional red or rosé wine vinegar; salad dressings, marinades and mignonettes benefit especially from using it.
Bar Pairings: Very good pairing to Gin, Vodka, and floral cordials such as St. Germaine. Similar acidity to a lemon; so use proportionally.
Microgreen Pairings: Spicy Blend, Basil, Borage, and Sunflower Shoots

Sip a floral mocktail decorated with Edible Flowers as you stroll along The Tidal Basin

We have on good authority that adding flowers to any drink makes it taste 100% more fun. Take a stroll through the canopy of pink with a drink enhanced with edible flowers. What could possibly be more romantic?

Delight your friends with a fabulous salad for your picnic at the National Arboretum!

Spread out a blanket in the grass and enjoy the spring weather with a view! The cherry blossoms are blooming at the National Arboretum so bring your friends along to enjoy the view while delighting them with a restaurant-quality salad. Check out our recipes page for ideas of build your own with our Signature Shoot Salad as a base.